Green Meadow owner Glenn Brendle

Green Meadow Farm is located on the eastern boundary of Lancaster County near the town of Gap, Pennsylvania. The business, originally Spring Grove Farm at a former location, was started in 1981 by Glenn Brendle and now comprises 6 acres of gardens and 4200 sq. ft. of greenhouses. The focus is on growing specialty herbs and vegetables for restaurants in Philadelphia and Lancaster. Green Meadow uses its own growing method which we call minimum impact farming and includes methods borrowed from organic and sustainable practices. The main focus is on appropriate technology with lowest impact inputs. Current projects include working toward heating and electrically powering the farm and its vehicles using waste vegetable oil from the customer restaurants. The heating portion of the project has been running since 2001 and the electrical generator is soon to come on line. One vehicle has been converted to WVO fuel and more are planned. Other projects include a recent grant through the Fair Food Project for fencing several wooded acres to raise pigs in an arboreal system. Fertility inputs include on-site composting of neighborhood manures and waste hay. Cover cropping includes use of brassicas for harvest and weed suppression as well as nematicides. Primary insect control is accomplished through IPM and soap/vegetable oil emulsions.

Visitors to the farm are welcome by appointment.